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History of WOLVER LAB: Facts and figures / MILESTONES

Company's founders


Gunther Besser was born in 1913 in Schkeuditz near Leipzig. He received education and earned his Ph.D. at Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg in Halle. Besser was involved in the creation of the largest chemical concern in Leuna, Germany, and in 1951 became Head of the Oil Research Department of this plant, where he eventually met his future partner Hans Mietze, a young chemist graduate. Under Besser's command, lubricants were produced for various mechanisms used in German marine navigation, industrial manufacturing, aircraft, automotive, and arms industry.


Hans Mietze was born in 1922 in resort town of Baden-Baden in South-Western Germany. He received education at the department of chemistry at the University of Karlsruhe. Hans decided to follow the steps of his father who worked for the German government as a research chemist. Among the best students Hans undertook internship at the largest chemical plant in Leuna, Germany, with facilities for the development and production of fertilizers, surfactants, oil products, and other chemical compounds. The young chemist came under the command of his future partner, Dr. Gunther Besser, at the Oil Research Department. Mietze quickly made his career by inventing dozens of knows-hows in the production of lubricating materials and investigating the regularities that occur with the friction of various surfaces in different conditions, as well as the impact on the said regularities of originating wear.


History of Wolver Lab


The first independent joint project of Besser and Mietze became cooperation with DKW, a company affiliated with Auto Union – the 2nd largest automobile company in Germany. Joint project resulted in the development of lubricants for the participation of the works rally team in the East African Championship that was held in severe dust conditions. The result exceeded the customer’s expectations, with Mietze and Besser receiving highest recommendations.


Joint project in Munich with Knorr-Bremse, German leader in the manufacture of railway braking systems, confirmed the determination of the researchers to collaborate in the development of special-purpose lubricants.


At the start of 1957 Besser and Mietze established a laboratory for applied chemistry in Emmereng (Bavaria). The first important laboratory’s order was to develop oilfor the reconstruction of the Buraimi Oasis (Saudi Arabia). Mieze and Besser’s experience in the development of oil for African conditions came in very handy here, so far as the order required the development of oils that would allow high-performance engines operate at high temperatures and dust levels.


Mieze and Besser continued their research of friction (tribology) and developed unique lubricants for use in different equipment. Driven by their personal interests, the colleagues gave particular emphasis to motor racing and collaborated with works teams of then famous car manufacturers like VEB, Triumph, Zundapp etc.; they developed lubricants for rally racing in different climatic conditions, gradually coming into notice among engineers, raw material and equipment suppliers as a solid team of professionals able to perform any substandard order. Such orders eventually determined the Company’s specialization.


Gunther Besser and Hans Mietze established a new research and development company Wolver Laboratory. The research activities of the company are focused on the study of a science new for its time – tribology.


Wolver Laboratory took part in Frankfurt motor show where VW Passat and Opel Kadett made their debut with a new body. The Company’s management team negotiated on cooperation with a number of automobile companies.


Ever-growing scope of engine oil investigations stimulated the Company’s management to expand and upgrade their research facilities. The Company purchased advanced research and laboratory equipment.


The Company announced competitive recruitment of talented physical and chemical graduates of German technical universities in order to expand the Company’s research potential.


Upon adoption of new US environmental and emissions standards, Wolver Lab, among the leading companies, developed diesel oils with the highest API grade CG-4.


While remaining primarily a research company, Wolver Lab enters into direct contracts with the leading German manufacturing facilities where, on order and under surveillance of Wolver Lab, finished products are manufactured under Wolver’s own trademark.


The first sponsorship experience in the WRC racing series. Wolver Lab sponsored English rally team M-Sport that participated in the Ford Fiesta S 1600 Championship.


The apparent increase in the amount of orders urged Wolver Lab to open branch offices in the United Kingdom and Spain.


The Company’s growth is accompanied by moving the headquarters to Köln. WRC sponsorship.


Wolver Lab provides first supplies of off-the-shelf products to the Eastern European markets.


The Company is topped by Herr Robert Meinzer who has considerable management experience and formerly worked at TÜV Rheinland. Wolver Lab initiates annual Events for consumers. In 2012 the first Wolver Geography offer was launched where package tour to WRC final was drawn.


The Best Styling offer. Author of the best customized car picture with Wolver oil tank received a free voucher to Chili to Dakar-2014 rally final. Wolver Lab for the first time took part in an international show within the territory of the CIS - Automehania 2013 in Moscow (Russian Federation).


New front office of the company.

Company’s growth, constant enlargement of our customers and suppliers, lead us to the necessity of opening a separate front office, which will be mainly responsible for operational and representational functions. This will help our technical specialists to concentrate on researches and current operations, on existing Wolver Lab facilities.