Wolver Hydrauliköl HVLP 15


208 L | 60 L | 20 L

Wolver Hydraulik HVLP 15 – it is zinc-containing working fluids on a mineral basis, which have excellent viscosity-temperature properties and a corresponding all-season characteristic. Due to this, the maximum smoothness of the hydraulic system operation is guaranteed, even under extreme temperature fluctuations and when the system is started up.

DIN 51524 Teil 3

Meets the requirements of
BOSCH Rexroth
SEB 181222
ANFOR NF E 48-603 (HM, HV)
SIS SS 155434
Denison Filterability TP 02100
Hoesch HWN 2333
U.S.Steel 126 u., 127
Sperry Vickers M-3950-S u., I-286-S
FZG-Test A 8,3/90 12


  • Superior wear and aging protection
  • High shear and oxidation stability
  • Enhanced scoring resistance
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Multi-grade performance
  • Enhanced protection against corrosion
  • Excellent demulsifying ability


  • Designed for modernhydraulic systems.
  • Particularlyrecommendedfor outdoor hydraulic systems for year round operation.
  • Recommendedfor systems exposed to strong temperature variations (roadway gates, baling presses, canal locks, and dams).
  • Suitable for use in hydrostatic circuits of construction machines, forklift trucks, container trucks and municipal utility vehicles.
  • All season hydraulic oil with outstanding anti-freezing property.
  • In accordance with the manufacturer's instructions can also be used as a shock absorber oil.


Utilisation benefits 

  • Trouble-free system operation, including multi-metal systems
  • Long service life
  • Reduced wear and scoring under severe operating conditions, especially when a system is exposed to impact loading
  • Particularlydesigned for equipment operating in frigid environment (highland climate, winter sports areas, winter road maintenance services, cold storage facilities, freezing installations)
  • Reduction in assortment of used lubricants makes order management and logistics less complicated
  • Prolonged equipment life
  • Protection against infiltrated water

Attention: Service instructions should be observed!
Wolver is a registered trademark of Wolver Lab GmbH
Cologne, Germany