Wolver AntiFreeze & Coolant Concentrate WG11


208 L | 60 L | 5 L| 1.5 L

Wolver Antifreeze & Coolant WG11  Concentrate - high quality concentrate coolant for modern gas and diesel engines of cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, stationary engines (including engines of light metals), which operated in all seasonal and climatic conditions.

Wolver Antifreeze & Coolant WG11  Concentrate - protects your engine against freezing, overheating, corrosion, prevents the formation of harmful deposits. It provides reliable protection of the engine metal parts made of cast iron, aluminium, copper and steel.

Wolver Antifreeze & Coolant WG11  Concentrate - produced on the basis of monoethylene glycol and special anti-corrosion additives. Does not contain nitrites, amines, silicates, phosphates and borates.


Meets the requirements of:
ASTM D 3306, D 4985
VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda TL 774-C (G 11),
BMW GS 9400,
MAN 324 NF,
MB 325.0/325.2,
MTU (MTL 5048),
BS 6580,
Saab 6901 599,
Opel GM QL 130100, Cummins 85T8-2, Cummins CES 14603,,

Detroit Diesel 7SE298,
John Deere 8650-5, Case,
New Holland, Volvo, MACK 014617004


  • Powerful and long-lasting protection against corrosion for all parts of the cooling system, which consist of materials such as steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, soft solder
  • Maintenance-free frost and overheating protection with a higher boiling point
  • Extended coolant life
  • Avoidance of cavitation damages, such as on the collant pump
  • Compatibility with varnishes
  • Compatibility with hose and sealing materials
  • Avoidance of sediments, which can cause radiator plugging
  • Avoidance of foaming


Wolver Antifreeze & Coolant WG11  Concentrate should be mixed before pouring into the cooling circuit with water at a concentration of 33 to max. 60 vol% can be used.  Applying a 50/50 ratio for the mixture of water and Wolver Antifreeze & Coolant WG11  Concentrate is recommended. 
Protection against the cold / antifreeze 
50 vol% in water -38 ° C 
33 vol% in water -18 ° C


To estimate all advantages of Wolver Antifreeze & Coolant WG11  Concentrate the mixing with other coolants is not recommended. For the preparation of mixtures preferably softened water should be used.

Data table

Relative density  at 15.6 °C kg/m³  1118
pH value 50% vol aqueous solution - 8.4
Freezing point 50% vol aqueous solution °C  -38
Colour - blue
1,5L - Can 4153 4260360941535
5L - Can 4420 4260360944208
60L - Barrel 4355 4260360943553
208L - Barrel 4432 4260360944321

Attention: Service instructions should be observed!
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Cologne, Germany