Wolver Motor Flush Adapter


208 L | 60 L | 20 L | 350 ML

WOLVER Motor Flush Adapter is an adaptive flushing matter for engine oil system. It flushes carefully the engine before oil change for a new one or for a new oil type (e.g. mineral for semi synthetic or different oil brand name).


  • Removes all deposits of sludge lacquer and resins;
  • Powerful dispersant agents keep flushed particles suspended and prevent their depositing on engine parts till eventual oil change;
  • Neutralize harmful impact of old oil remnants on the newly changed oil;
  • Totally compatible with modern synthetic, semi synthetic and mineral engine oils;
  • Flushed oil system extends engine resource and its power.

Applicable in all gasoline, diesel and LPG engine types.


  • Removes all types of deposits, deposits, varnishes and resins;
  • Powerful dispersants in the rinsing composition maintain the washed sediment particles in a suspended state, preventing them from settling on the engine parts until the waste oil is removed;
  • Neutralizes the harmful effect of waste oil residues on the newly poured oil;
  • Fully compatible with modern synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral motor oils;
  • The cleaned oil system increases the life and engine power.

Data table

Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C mm²/s  34.8
Pour point °C  -21
TBN mgKOH/g 40.4
Flash point  °C  194
Density at 15.6 °C kg/m³  901

350ml - 4260360940545


For all types of automobile engines operating on gasoline, diesel fuel, liquefied gas.

Warm up and muffle the engine. Fill the flushing through the oil filler neck at the rate of 1 packing for 3-5 liters of engine oil. Start the engine and let it idle for 10-15 minutes. Stop engine, replace engine oil and filter.

Attention: Service instructions should be observed!
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Cologne, Germany