Wolver Motor Flush Express


208 L | 60 L | 20 L | 350 ML

WOLVER Motor Flush Express is a fast flushing matter for engine oil system. Flushes fast and effectively the oil system before oil change.




  • Removes all types of deposits, deposits, varnishes and resins;
  • Flushes effectively oil system within 5 minutes;
  • Fully compatible with modern synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral motor oils;
  • The cleaned oil system increases the life and engine power.

Data table

Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C mm²/s  33.2
Pour point °C  -19
TBN mgKOH/g 40.9
Flash point  °C  192
Density at 15.6 °C kg/m³  899

350ml - 4260360940521


For all types of automobile engines operating on gasoline, diesel fuel, liquefied gas.

Before changing the oil, warm up and muffle the engine. Fill the flushing through the oil filler neck at the rate of 1 packing for 3-5 liters of engine oil. Allow the engine to run for 5-10 minutes at idle. Stop engine, replace engine oil and filter.

350ml - 4260360940521

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