Wolver Special Fluid ATF CVT


208 L | 20 L | 1 L

Wolver Special Fluid ATF CVT - is a special HC synthetic oil developed specially for use in modern stepless automatic transmissions - CVTs - Continuously Variable Transmission. Used in variators with both belt and chain drive.

Wolver Special Fluid ATF CVT - is suitable for most CVT transmissions of American, Asian and European manufacturers with the exception of CVT transmissions mounted on hybrid vehicles. It can be used in the transmissions of MULTITRONIC (Audi), AUTOTRONIC (Mercedes-Benz), variators, installed on some models of BMW MINI according to the recommendations of the manufacturer of equipment.

Wolver Special Fluid ATF CVT - produced on the basis of the most modern base oils with a high viscosity index, contains the latest anti-wear additive package in combination with friction additives, which reduces wear and provides a specified friction coefficient for high torque transmission.


Meets the requirements of
Ford CVT 23/30,
Toyota CVTF TC/FE,
Mitsubishi CVTF-J1/SP III,
MB 236.2,
Honda HMMF / HCF2/ Z1,
JWS 3309/3324,
Audi WV G TL 52 180 (G052 180) / 52 516 (GO52 516),
Subaru NS-2/CVTF,
BMV/Mini EZL 799,
Nissan NS-1 / NS-2,
Suzuki TC/ NS-2/CVT


  • Ensures the stability of the coefficient of friction;
  • Excellent anti-foam properties;
  • Extreme wear resistance;
  • Excellent switching at low temperatures;
  • Resistance to aging and oxidation;
  • High ability to withstand loads;
  • Neutral with respect to sealing materials.


  • Reliability of work under heavy loads;
  • Optimal choice for CVT applications;
  • High switching efficiency at all intervals before oil change;
  • Ideal low-temperature properties;
  • Increased lubricity;
  • Year-round use.


  • Automotive-continuous automatic transmission (CVT) (Continuous Variable Transmission) - CVT according to the manufacturer's instructions;
  • Wolver ATF CVT should not be mixed with other ATF fluids for stepped automatic transmissions.

Caution: Wolver Special Fluid ATF CVT is not intended for use in DCT / DSG- (dual-clutch transmission) or step-by-step automatic transmissions.

Waste management

Wolver Special Fluid ATF CVT waste oil is classified as Category 2 waste and must be disposed of in designated areas.


Wolver Special Fluid ATF CVT is compatible with similar oils and can be mixed with any of them. In order to take full advantage of the Wolver Special Fluid ATF CVT, it is recommended to use it without mixing.

Data table

Specific weight at 15°C kg/m³  848
Viscosity at 40°C cSt 34
Viscosity at 100°C cSt 7
Viscosity index   173
Flash point COC °C  210
Pour point °C  -51
Color   Light yellow

Attention: Service instructions should be observed!
Wolver is a registered trademark of Wolver Lab GmbH
Cologne, Germany