Wolver Gear Oil GL-5 75W-140


208 L | 20 L

Wolver Gear Oil 75W-140 - transmission oil for locking and non-blocking differentials. The oil is developed on a synthetic basis, which reduces wear and reduces noise when working under any conditions.

Wolver Gear Oil 75W-140 - manufactured using LS (Limited Slip) additives, which provides reliable operation in off-road vehicles and machines with 4x4 all-wheel drive. The oil is able to withstand very high loads in wide temperature ranges while guaranteeing extended replacement intervals.

Wolver Gear Oil 75W-140 - is especially effective in mechanical gearboxes for cars and trucks, as well as for vans with and without a lockable differential, where the use of GL-5 grade oil is regulated.

SAE 75W-140

Meets the requirements of
BMW MSP/A (Hinterachse),
FORD M2C187-A, M2C192-A, M2C192-A+M2C118A,
GM 12346140, 1942386,
MB 235.61


  • Extreme wear resistance;
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation;
  • High resistance to compression;
  • Excellent corrosion protection capability;
  • Exceptional viscosity-temperature characteristics;
  • Prevents foaming;
  • Neutral with respect to sealing materials.


  • Optimum working properties;
  • Excellent fluidity in the cold, down to -45 ° C;
  • Extended service life;
  • Use in four-wheel drive vehicles (4x4);
  • Possesses the ability of limited slip- "limited slip";
  • Year-round use.


  • Mechanical gearbox with and without lockable differentials;
  • Mechanical gearboxes according to the manufacturer's specifications according to API GL 5;
  • Cars and trucks, light vans, four-wheel drive vehicles and working vehicles

Waste management:

Used Wolver Gear Oil 75W-140 is classified as Category 2 waste and must be disposed of in designated areas.


Wolver Gear Oil 75W-140 is compatible with comparable oils and can be mixed with any of them. In order to take full advantage of Wolver Gear Oil 75W-140, it is recommended to use it without mixing.

Data table

Specific weight at 15°C kg/m³  870
Viscosity at 40°C  cSt 190
Viscosity at 100°C  cSt 27
Viscosity index    170
Flash point COC  °C  217
Pour point  °C  -45

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