Wolver UltraTec Longlife III 5W-30


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WOLVER UltraTec Longlife III  SAE 5W30 is a new long-life III synthesis, high-performance, smooth-running engine oil based on the latest technology.

WOLVER UltraTec Longlife III  SAE 5W30 was especially developed for the petrol and diesel engines of the VW group, with extended maintenance interval conditions (WIV 3 systems), incl. pump-injector engines.

WOLVER UltraTec Longlife III  SAE 5W30 Engine oil of the SAE class 5W/30 is suitable for oil change intervals of up to 50,000 km or 2 years. (See car manufacturer's specifications).

This high performance engine oil can also be used in other types of VW engines, except R5-, V10 TDi pump-injection engines with and without DPF diesel particle filter, which require the VW specifications 503.00, 506.00, 506.01.

SAE 5W-30
ACEA C3, A3/B4

Meets the requirements of:
VW 504.00/507.00,
VW 502.00/505.00,
Porsche A40


  • Extreme wear protection
  • Excellent viscosity temperature behaviour
  • Quick oil feed of critical lubricating points
  • Considerable wear reduction on cylinder and camshaft
  • High oxidation and temperature stability
  • Low volatilization loss
  • Very high cleaning capability
  • Particularly low emission combustion


  • Reduction of fuel consumption on partial and full load operation as well as reduction of exhaust emission
  • Light motor running
  • Optimal engine cleanliness
  • Very low resistance an motor starting
  • Very good operating reliability
  • High margin of performance
  • Extended oil change intervals
  • All-year operation


  • VW high-performance and normal four-stroke petrol engines motors with and without WIV-systems
  • with multivalve-technology
  • with turbo charging
  • with catalyst technology
  • with extended oil change interval
  • VW diesel engines with and without WIV-systems
  • with pump and nozzle engines
  • with diesel particle systems(DPF)
  • with turbo charging
  • with catalyst technology


  • WOLVER UltraTec Longlife III  SAE 5W-30 is assigned to category 2 of used oils and thus is free for disposal.


WOLVER UltraTec Longlife III  SAE 5W-30 is fully compatible to custumary HD oils and can be mixed without any doubts. However, to take full advantage of WOLVER UltraTec Longlife III  SAE 5W-30 it is recommendable to use only WOLVER UltraTec Longlife III  SAE 5W-30 when refilling.

Data table

Specific weight at 15°C kg/m³  855 
Viscosity at -30°C  cP  4730 
Viscosity at 40°C  cSt 64,00 
Viscosity at 100°C  cSt 11,50 
Viscosity index    176 
Flash point COC  °C  230 
Pour point  °C  -45 
TBN mgKOH/g 6,7  
Sulphate ashes  % 0,67 

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