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Alarm - fake detected!

Alarm - fake detected!

Attention customers and partners! Counterfeit of Wolver products have been detected.

Our company monitors constantly the existing and emerging markets for its products. One of the key direction of its activity is the protection of copyright, ownership and intellectual rights, enabling to track down fakes fast and protect consumers from them.

Unauthorized production and sales of counterfeited motor oils under Wolver TM was recently traced in the Chinese market. The entire packaging and the trade mark imitates the original products of Wolver, but still differs from the latter in graphics.

The producer of the counterfeit is presumably the company or the companies affiliated with FORUN TRADING GROUP (Forun Youth Universal Trade Co., Ltd. & Shanghai Da Hong International Trading Co., Ltd.) located on the following web pages: ,

We, hereby, officially state that the production and/or the products which are being sold be the above companies under WOLVER TM have nothing in common with the genuine product from Wolverlab GmbH, they are made in China and thus considered as fakes that is the subject to prosecution as the perpetrators of copyright thereof.

Wolverlab GmbH appeals to its customers be alert what they consume, for it is unable to exercise overall control of the faked goods and guarantee the proper function of the counterfeit.

To distinguish the genuine product from the fake please use following gears:

1. is the only official webpage of Wolver Lab GmbH. The site contains actual information and the product list of the company.
Caution! has nothing to do with our company and is unauthorized copy of the original webpage.

2. All original products of WOLVER TM possess the Wolver Quality Protect System sticker. The sticker has a unique QR code linked to the verification tool on

When peel off the sticker and input the code that is underneath into the site system, one can check if the product is genuine or not. The code is generated by the computer and can’t be the same on different cans.

3. Shall you doubt if the product is original, please refer to customer's support service of Wolver Lab GmbH by filling the form on or by writing a message to or by applying to the official dealer of the company in your area.

4. Additionally we announce now the position of the official dealer in PRC vacant.

We take all applicable efforts to prevent the production and distribution of the counterfeit and hope this information will turn helpful to end users when buying suspicious products.