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NEW Automatic transmission oil – Wolver CVT

NEW Automatic transmission oil – Wolver CVT

In response to numerous requests from our customers and estimated growth of global demand Wolver Lab GmbH launch a new product - Wolver Special Fluid ATF CVT.

Wolver Special Fluid ATF CVT - is a special HC synthetic oil developed specially for use in modern stepless automatic transmissions - CVTs - Continuously Variable Transmission. The product is suitable for most CVT transmissions of American, Asian and European manufacturers with the exception of CVT transmissions mounted on hybrid vehicles.

Wolver Special Fluid ATF CVT - produced on the basis of the most modern base oils with a high viscosity index, contains the latest anti-wear additive package in combination with friction additives, which reduces wear and provides a specified friction coefficient for high torque transmission.

The product is offered in the following packages: 208 L / 20 L / 1 L.