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New Design for Wolver Greases

New Design for Wolver Greases

New design for Wolver greases.Wolver greases received an updated design for 400ml packaging.

A distinctive features of the series Wolver greases are: orange label, black top cover and colored name of the grease on the packaging.

The changes were made to emphasize the unique concept Wolver grease consumption - "The formula 3 + 3". 3 Universal and 3 special greases satisfy more than 90% of all needs in lubricants for any business.

Let us remind that the universal greases includes:

OPTIMA GP2 -  universal multigrade grease for transport and industry; 
MODELUX EP2 -  high anti-wear and extreme pressure grease
LITOPLEX EP2 - synthetic grease with high anti-wear and extreme pressure properties.

Special greases are available for special operating conditions:

LITOPLEX MS2 - anti-wear lithium grease with molybdenum disulfide (MoS2);
TRITON WR 2 –  all-weather waterproof grease based on anhydrous calcium;
FENIX XHP2  - high-premium grease based on calcium sulfonate and synthetic components. 

Lubricating greases Wolver – are an expert solution for quality service of any technology in any operating conditions. The first shipment of greases in the updated package began in November 2016. Due to the changes, the new cartridges have become more recognizable, and you can easily find them on the shelves of your stores.