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New WolverTurboTec motor oil

New WolverTurboTec motor oil

In the first half of 2014 in Swedenwe have carried out complex tests of a new four-season НС-synthetic free-flowing motor oil Wolver TurboTec 10W-40. Thismotoroilisdesignedforoperation in all diesel engines (without DPF) andcorresponds with SAE 10W-40 and API CI-4/SL class,with manufacturers’ MB 229.51 specifications.

WolverTurboTec 10W-40 isespeciallysuitableforpowerturbo and non-turbo dieselengines and effectively prevents “BorePolishing” that occurs in modern power diesel engines (polishing of cylinder surfaces). As UHPD oil, itreachesthemaximumoilchangeinterval (upto 100,000 km–depending on manufacturer’s instructions) and is especially recommended for use in heavy-duty trucks. WolverTurboTec 10W-40 motoroilisafirstchoicefor forwarding companies. Wolver TurboTec 10W-40 complieswithallEuropean emission standards for diesel engines.


  • High degree of wear protection
  • Extraordinaryageing resistance and oxidation stability
  • Preventshigh-temperature sludge formation
  • Low volatility
  • Exceptionalviscosity-temperature characteristics


  • High reliability
  • Excellentcoldstartcharacteristics–quick inflow to the lubrication points
  • Allowstoreducefuel consumption
  • Minimumwearunderhighloadson drive parts
  • Protectionagainstpolishing
  • All-season application
  • Economyduetolong maintenance interval