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SUPER TRAFFIC 10W-40 - a new universal engine oil WOLVER.

SUPER TRAFFIC 10W-40 - a new universal engine oil WOLVER.

In January 2017 Wolver Lab GmbH started to produce a new universal engine oil WOLVER SUPER TRAFFIC 10W-40.

WOLVER SUPER TRAFFIC 10W-40 - semisynthetic engine oil specially designed for vehicles with a long period of operation or earlier model years. Complies with classification API SJ / CF-4, ACEA A3 / B3. Suitable for gas and diesel engines as well as engines operating on natural gas (LPG - a mixture of propane and butane, CNG - methane) such as the atmospheric, turbocharged passenger cars, vans and light trucks. Recommended for year-round use in various operating conditions: urban, extra-urban, start-stop mode. Ideal for mixed fleets.

WOLVER SUPER TRAFFIC 10W-40 is a high-quality solution for engines developed until 2001. It provides reliable protection against wear and increases the service life of seals and gaskets, suitable for year-round use. It allows you to increase the efficiency of the equipment operation and reduce the total cost for its maintenance.

For detailed characteristics of WOLVER SUPER TRAFFIC 10W-40 see our website.