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Wolver Quality Protect System - a new level of protection.

Wolver Quality Protect System - a new level of protection.

Unique packaging - has always been an identity for Wolver products. The use of tin cans, the logo presswork on the top of the cans and on the cap, an individual design for each product. All these elements provide reliable protection of our products against counterfeits.

However, the growing popularity of TM Wolver in the world poses new challenges for us. Watching out for our customers, we give an opportunity to check the originality of Wolver products on-line to every buyer. The new protection system was named - Wolver Quality Protect System.

Starting from 2018, a new sticker is placed at all Wolver products. On its outside there is a QR-code with a link to the website of the system -

Under the sticker placed a unique product code obtained during production. By entering this code on the website of the system, and having received confirmation - you can verify the authenticity of any Wolver product.

We are confident that the implementation of Wolver Quality Protect System will be an effective tool for protection from counterfeits. Our customers will be sure that they use high-quality original Wolver product.