Wolver Lab

History of our business

History of our business begins in the period of post-war reconstruction of the countries of Western Europe. The destroyed economies required a multitude of resources. In 1951, the European Coal and Steel Community was created between Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The member countries of the association removed restrictions on the extraction and transportation of products of the coal mining and metallurgical industries, which contributed to the rapid growth of their economies. An economic boom began in the industrial regions, marked in history as the German economic breakthrough, or the “Miracle on the Rhine” (Wirtschaftswunder).

The fast-growing industrial cluster demanded a growing amount of oils and greases. At the same time, the rapid update of machinery and transport led to an increase in product requirements, consumers needed new and unique products. Many among currently well-known German oil companies established their businesses during this period.

The founders of our business, being specialists in the petrochemical industry and possessing extraordinary commercial skills, appreciated the opportunities of the growing market. To meet the unique needs of the customers for products with special properties they established cooperation between research laboratories and manufacturers. As the result, products with optimal properties and prices were created. It was an innovative approach in the sphere of technical oils supplies.

Having established sustainable cooperation in the production of special products, the founders of our business were able to devote more time to another sphere, which at first resembled a hobby, the creation of motor oils for rally racing.

Later, these two areas - ensuring the unique needs of the industry and the creation of special products for commercial vehicles and Autosport became the main business areas. At that time, the basic principles of the company, which still exist today, were approved.

4 basic principles of the Wolver company:

  1. Detailed study of the features and operating conditions of customer’s equipment;
  2. Creation of products with an additional functional reserve in case of extreme exploitation;
  3. Constant contact with oil consumers for obtaining accurate information about the conditions of machinery and monitoring the performance of oils;
  4. Continuous improvement of product properties and optimisation of logistics processes.

By the end of the 20th century, the market for special oils and greases underwent major changes connected with the standardization of the main components used in many cars and industrial equipment, which resulted in a reduction of needs in special products. It was the time for the next transformation of company’s business. In the early 2000s, the need of shifting from working with individual orders to conquering wide consumer markets was realized.

  • 2009 - the production of serial oils and greases under the Wolver brand started.

  • 2010 - the brand was presented at the largest international exhibitions, the first contracts in Europe were signed.

  • 2011 - Wolver products were shipped to Eastern Europe for the first time.

  • 2012 - the total product range exceeds 250 positions. There was a change in company’s owners and management. The new director was assigned - Robert Mainzer, a specialist with extensive experience at TÜV, who has retained the best of the achievements of his predecessors.

  • 2013-2015 - the first deliveries to Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia were made.

  • 2016 - the global program “Wolver Quality Solutions” was launched, it was designed to ensure the uniqueness of packaging and ensure the quality of Wolver products to consumers.

  • 2017 - the growth of the company, rapid extension of buyers and suppliers led to the need of creation of separate front office in Cologne, which performs representative and operational functions. The new director - Konstantin Zerfas was appointed. The company's strategy aims to actively conquer export markets.

  • 2018 - the total number of countries where Wolver products are represented exceeded 50.