Wolver Lab

Corporate Social Responsibillity

The Wolver Corporate Social Responsibility is based on doing business in harmony with the environment and society as well as involves active participation in social and economic development of the German economy.

It is a voluntary choice of the company which rests upon our strong conviction that the competitive advantages eventuate from where social aspects form an integral part of the business.

For Wolver, social responsibility is a complex concept which is manifested in the following aspects of the company’s operation:

  1. Responsibility for proprietary products. Most of oils and greases developed by us are biodegradable. We understand that our components work close to the nature and, therefore, strive for them to keep the nature intact.
  2. Environment protection responsibility. As a part of our environmental protection program we have abandoned plastics in packaging as it is known to be non-biodegradable to add to the fact that most countries of the world do not have a well-run plastic collection services and utilization of plastic waste causes large dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Therefore Wolver Lab GmbH has opted for metal tare for almost all of its products knowing it being non-toxic, is almost 100% recyclable without loss of its unique properties.
  3. Responsibility for professional development and protection of its employees. The company maintains a high level of social standards and provides training and professional development activities for its staff on a regular basis.