Wolver Turbinenöl TD 68


208 L | 60 L | 20 L

WOLVER TURBINENÖL TD 68 are made of high-quality HC base oil. Turbine oil with good anti-corrosion and water-separating behaviour, for the application in gas, water and steam turbines.


Meets the requirements of
Voith Turbo,
DIN 51515-1 (L-TD), Siemens (Turbinenöl)


  • Preferably applied in steam, gas and water turbines as well as in turbo compressors with normal thermal load
  • Excellent suitability for the lubrication and cooling of bearings
  • Very well applicable as pressure transfer agents for controlling and regulating devices
  • Application in large and industrial power plants


Please Note

According to the operating conditions, oil change intervals of more than 100,000 h can be achieved.

For turbine devices with gears, which demand a turbine oil with increased load scuffing capacity (FZG ³ 8), the product line WOLVER Turbinenöl TD 68 is available.


  • Wolver TURBINENÖL TD 68 is assigned to category 2 of used oils and thus is free for disposal.


  • Wolver TURBINENÖL TD 68 Compressor Oil of VG range is well-tolerated with comparable lubrications and thus can be mixed. However, it is recommendable to use only Wolver TURBINENÖL TD 68 compressor oil of VG-range when refilling.

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