Wolver Lab


For those who strain every sinew, exposing themselves and their car to new challenges.

The Wolver Lab GmbH, having its motor oil being tested in motor races for decades, constantly strives to find new ways to improve it, because we know that in extreme racing conditions a driver shall feel fully assured both each component apart and his car in general run smoothly.

Racing car engine undergoes tremendous loads during a race. Therefore the quality of the motor oil, being among guarantees to safe and reliable engine operation, must always demonstrate the highest performance level.

Having proved its reliability in a variety of tests, the Wolver motor oil has won and continues to gain popularity among motorsport professionals and fans as much as among regular drivers whose priority is a high-quality product when choosing.

Wolver Lab GmbH has long experience in cooperating with racing teams worldwide providing them with the top-quality custom formulated lubricants for each particular race car.