Why choose Wolver?

Many years of successful theoretic and practical research work

The laboratory developing formulations of motor oils and lubricants is located in the heart of Germany and has gained a reputation of an advanced professional worldwide. Many years  of successful theoretic and practical research work, loyal clients among motor oil manufacturers and consumers. Facilities manufacturing motor oils on lab’s order are leaders in German oil and gas industry in terms of innovation and quality

A substantial part of oils and lubricants we develop are biodegradable

Asubstantial part of oils and lubricants we develop are biodegradable, our components work well on nature, leaving it undisturbed. When ever you need a motor oil or lubricant to be used in Brazilian selva or sands of the Arabian Desert, you can count on Wolver Lab

The success of Wolver motor oils is largely based on rally experience of the Company

We have always paid individual attention to rally products. Wolver special-purpose rally motor oil shave shown significant results on five continents. Rally offers in valuable experience of maintenance under extreme loads in different conditions — hot desert dust, polar frost, orhairpin curves. The success of Wolver motor oils is largely based on rally experience of the Company



Choosing oil for your car

Many car enthusiasts, some time or other, face a necessity to change and as a consequence to choose a proper motor oil. So how to do it? There is such a wide selection of motor oils offered by stores but we need some specific one. Surprisingly, you will never find the right or the best oil. In each case, each engine requires specific oil. To choose the...


How to choose a motor oil quality class?

There are three most common organizations that classify the motor oils based on its quality: API, АСЕА (ССМС) and ILSAC. ...


Mineral oil vs. synthetic oil

Mineral oils are made by refining and distilling crude oil. There are two main types of mineral oils: naphthenic and paraffinic. They contain many additives and lose their lubricating properties rather quickly. These oils differ in structure of hydrocarbons which are included to composition of oils. Paraffinic base oils are considered to be the most...


Synthetic motor oils have a number of significant advantages over mineral oils:

High fluidity allows to reduce friction allowing thereby to decrease fuel consumption and slightly increase engine potency. ...