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New utensils for Wolver greases.

New utensils for Wolver greases.

Wolver greases are widely used in many countries and in many spheres of economy. But there is one common feature for all final users – they require special utensils, such as grease applicators and grease guns.

And in order to simplify usage of Wolver greases for our customers we’ve prepared a row of specified utensils. From now on we are ready to ship our customers with grease applicators and grease guns. You can find all information about its application and characteristics below:

Wolver Grease Applicator. The grease applicator is a handy tool that makes dispensing grease easier when a high-pressure gun cannot be used. With the applicator, you can easily apply grease to open surfaces such as bearings and gearwheels, without direct contact with the grease. After application of the grease, the accompanying cap is put onto the spout to prevent leakage of grease when the applicator is not in use.

Description: Light plastic applicator with metal core.

Wolver Grease Gun. The purpose of the grease gun is to apply lubricant to a specific point. Which, are generally divided by lube channels, and therefore requires high-pressure. This gives an opportunity to lubricate mechanism without disassembling.

Description: Iron body-dip for grease in cartridge or without it. Aluminum Die Cast head fitted with air release valve. Soft rubber grip on lever handle for comfortable operation. Develops 6,000 PSI / 413 BAR. High visibility orange powder coated finish. Attention: Always wear safety glasses when using a grease gun.

By providing our customers with grease utensils, we hope that they will experience the following benefits:

  • Precise dosage and complete usage decrease consumption by 35%
  • Convenience and high culture of usage saves up to 30 % of time

Attention: Excess grease, if left on floors, tools or equipment can create surfaces that become slippery, thus violating safety rules.