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Update of Wolver Greases range

Update of Wolver Greases range

Wolver brand popularity on the global markets is growing year by year. Wolver products already occupy a very strong positions in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and have been successfully introduced in North and South America markets.

Alongside the geographical expansion, it has become necessary to unify the names of greases in accordance with modern requirements of global markets. As a result, the Wolver range of greases has received new, concise names that more accurately reflect the essence and scope of application for consumers.

Old name of grease New name of grease
Wolver Optima GP2 Wolver Unilux MP2
Wolver Modelux EP2 Wolver Modelux EP2
Wolver Litoplex MS2 Wolver Ultron MS2
Wolver Litoplex EP2  Wolver Ultron EP2 
Wolver Triton WR2 Wolver Castor WR2
Wolver Fenix XHP2 Wolver Tirex HT2 

As part of the unification, the packaging design of the entire range of greases have been conceptually rethought. In the new design of the Wolver cartridges, widely familiar to consumers red color has been applied. Besides that, a well-recognized color line representing the color of the grease inside has been preserved. Thus, the updated Wolver grease packaging design has become even more restrained and ergonomic.

It should be noted that the production technology, product composition and high-quality standards of Wolver greases remained unchanged. Therefore, we draw the attention of consumers to the fact that products in both designs, which will be available at retail outlets throughout 2020, are absolutely identical and interchangeable.